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Dolls by Robyn - Meet Ella, she is a handmade Waldorf inspired - Natural Fiber Art Doll. She is 13" tall, (as a collector myself I like these smaller dolls because they make room for more dolls :)). She is made out of all natural materials. Here hair is made from Teeswater Locks from goats, the curls are undyed and chemical free. You will not beleive how soft this hair is.!  Her skin is made from De Witte Engle with is also 100% cotton. This doll is the one you cuddle up with at night, she will adapt to your body temperature and keep you both warm all night.  She would also look beautiful on her doll stand in your collection.


This doll is also available in 18" made to order.




Doll and dress pattern from Dear Little Doll

Ella -Handmade

SKU: 2625
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